About Farmer help and why Farmer help

Farmer help strives to give rural citizens a voice of their own



Farmer help was founded by Sunil Yadav, who was born into a farmer’s family in a village near Banaras. He completed my studies in mechanical engineering and he is the first engineer in my village. Since childhood, he has been more attracted to nature and wanted to do something that would keep him connected to farms and farmers. He loves to do research and collect the latest information about agriculture, horticulture, and then he writes articles about them.

At this present date – he is operating a Farmer help website. 


At the beginning of his journey, Sunil Yadav faced lots of trouble with finding the right information and guidance towards getting started, and he knows the feelings of beginners when there is no one to help!

Sunil Yadav shares his experiences  – which worked out for him and could help beginners to start their Farming Business.

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Thanks for reading this page and good luck on your journey!

Your new friend,